Sometimes you have to pause and get away


Taken while in motion. The sky was amazing just before sunset

I don’t really celebrate the holidays much anymore.  I really haven’t in many years. It’s all so commercialized and I’m just not interested.
I give gifts throughout the year,  I sit and gather with friends from time to time,  my parents are deceased, I acknowledge my partner not just for a day,  etc. I dislike saving all these things for just one selected day.
So, I’ve packed the RV and headed north a few hours to Hillsborough River State Park. I’ll have a few slices of a precut and cooked turkey, have a small bowl of mashed potatoes,  and some green beans for dinner today. I will do this not because I’ve selected today to tell others what I’m thankful for (I do that all the time), but because my partner can’t break tradition and I don’t want to be a grinch. I just don’t feel comfortable celebrating the slaughter of the people after a nice big dinner was had.

Anyway, we arrived at the park just at sunset and we had a difficult time parking as the electricity and water are on the opposite side of the RV’s connection.  Then there are two large oak trees whose trunks made it difficult to open up the awning but we have it all under control,  I think.  In the midst of all the setting up I’m in shorts and flip flops in 40 something degree weather.  Not freezing, but my body was trying to tell me that these days anything below 50 is quite nippy.
I went to bed about 0945 and here I am at almost 0200 wide awake making an entry in word press and without the use of my glasses.
The cold is not what has me up, my allergies are keeping me and all the dreams I had in that short period woke me up.
I will fall asleep shortly to wake up in a few hours prepared to explore.
Stay safe and enjoy this festive season. 

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