Staple this!


A few weeks ago I found myself in an unusual situation. I stapled my hand while attempting to fix a staple gun. Ouch! I am not one to hurt myself so this was definitely a moment where I had to stop and think for a moment.
All my mind kept telling me was to cut it in half and pull it out; that was due to thinking that the staple curved just like a regular paper one does. Then the mind was telling me “whatever you do, don’t pull it out.” All my years as a 911 operator repeating this to others, totally failed me. I found myself in a desperate situation where I was left wondering how much damage had occurred and how much more would I cause by pulling it out? I took a huge chance and pulled it out. The blood squirted out like something out of a movie scene. I immediately applied pressure and moved on.
For the first day or so, my middle finger was bothering me. It was more along the lines of a numbing sensation. Then during the time that has followed it has been my ring finger that has acted up.  I have improved immensely which is a wonderful thing. I have failed to mention that the day after the injury I went and got a tetanus shot.
There is always a first time for everything.


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